Candid Family Photography in your own home | Brisbane Portrait & Newborn Photography

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Having a baby is such a special time, that is why I offer newborn and family photography in your own home.

It keeps the photo shoot very personal and any younger children (particularly toddlers) are much more comfortable and themselves in their own environment.

For your session I will help pose you but I do try to keep the session as natural as possible which results in beautiful keepsake photographs that you will love for generations to come.

The best time to book your newborn photography session is whenever you and your family is feeling ready. I can accommodate any age and I am not restricted to having your newborn shoot in the first 10 days like some other photographers. This is because I tend to lean towards a more natural style which means I have the freedom of posing your baby no matter what age they are.

If you would like a comfortable newborn and family photography sesison in your home please contact me today!

Sarah xox

Gorgeous Family Photos in Beautiful Bulimba Home | Brisbane Family Photographer

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I just had to share some of these family photos of this beautiful Bulimba based family. The photo shoot was set in Mum and Dad’s bedroom as it had beautiful natural light just beaming in and it was the perfect setting. Have a look at just some of the beautiful photos that this family took home to have as a keepsake. Hope you love them as much as I do!

Twin Photography Brisbane | Christmas Themed Photo Shoot

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It is nearly Christmas for 2017 so I thought it would be fitting to share this beautiful photo shoot taken in my clients home in Brisbane. Although I must admit that I have been slack on the blog front as these gorgeous photos are over a year old. (They were taken in November 2016). These 2 twin boys are now over 1 year old!! Their gorgeous mum was in touch with me last week as she wanted to order some more photos from her session last year.. This prompted me to share these beautiful photographs on my website!

I just love there little reindeer booties and knitted reindeer bonnets! And check out the Christmas bloomers… SOOO CUTE!

Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Kangaroo Point

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Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane  Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane


Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane  Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane   Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Wedding Photography Kangaroo Point Brisbane


I just love Brisbane weddings. This beautiful couple married in September 2017 and booked a smaller package to capture all the essential parts of the wedding.

We here at Sarah Streets studios got the honour of photographing the wedding ceremony and the location photos afterwards.

Here are just a few gorgeous photographs from the couple’s wedding day.

Hope you love them!

Brisbane Wedding Photography | Classic Wedding Style

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wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbane wedding photography brisbaneThe wedding of Bryan & Amy was on a Friday in September. We had the most perfect weather to take some beautiful wedding photography. Amy & Bryan both preferred the most posed style rather than candid shots as they felt this suited their personality more.Generate Samurai siege Diamond

Their ceremony was held at All Hallows Chapel which has the stunning backdrop of the Story Bridge. We took their wedding location photos at Brisbane Powerhouse which is such a versatile place as it also has New Farm Park in the same spot as well. And their beautifully styled reception was held at the Rydges Rooftop Bar.


I hope you enjoy these beautiful wedding images that were photographed all over Brisbane.

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Photographer in Brisbane

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When looking for an affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane, it can be easy to fall into the wrong choice. To be sure, look for a photographer who, firstly, understands your needs, and secondly, is capable of capturing amazing moments from your wedding. The photos of your wedding will soon be your only memories of your special day, and you will want to cherish them for a long time. So even if you’re working within a budget, watch out for these 8 common mistakes.

1. Falling for the well-chosen website header or well-compiled portfolio

It is natural for wedding photographers in Brisbane to put only their best shots in their portfolio. Although it is necessary to ask for a portfolio, be more specific and ask to see full wedding albums instead. Looking through complete albums will give you a greater perspective on the quality of photos the photographer can create.

2. Judging by staged and styled shoots instead of real wedding photos

A lot of people get impressed by shoots that are staged and styled without realising that these photos are extremely different from those taken during the actual wedding itself. The major difference between these two photos is that, in creating the former, the photographer can control the various elements that will affect the quality of the resulting photo.

On the other hand, on-site wedding photos are more spontaneous and thus offer better insight into the true skills and capabilities of even the most affordable wedding photographers in Brisbane.

These are the kinds of photos I specialise in. I like to call them documentary-style photos, because they are more natural and emotive compared to staged photos.

3. Getting distracted by all the pretty props and details

A lot of affordable wedding photographers in Brisbane try to distract you with photos of pretty props such as tables, flowers and wishing wells. Dubbed as filler shots, these photos are even sometimes used to distract from the fact that the real photos – the ones of you and your partner – are not that good.

The most important thing to ask when browsing through a photographer’s portfolio is what you really want from your wedding photos. Do you want nice photos of pretty wedding props, or heartwarming and memorable shots of the laughter, the tears of joy and the priceless moments that happen during your special day?

4. Ignoring personality issues

In trying to book an affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane, many couples make the mistake of ignoring warning signs pertaining to the photographer’s personality or attitude.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a photographer, it is best to move on to your next option as this will certainly affect how you feel during your wedding day.

As the wedding photographer – and knowing that I will be with the couple for the entire day – I always make sure I have great rapport with my clients. My 8 years of experience specialising in wedding photography has taught me how to help my clients feel comfortable and relaxed on their big day.

5. Looking only at the price tag

Although price is understandably one of your most pressing concerns when looking for an affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane, don’t let it be your only criteria. It is possible to get a good deal from professional photographers; it just takes a little patience. For my part, all couples who book a wedding album package and pay their booking fee will be entitled to an engagement shoot and a free 8×12 inch print in a ready-to-frame mount that they can hang on their wall.

If you come across an affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane, you may feel like you got a good bargain because they were cheap, but if you get poor-quality photos in exchange, then that’s not really a bargain after all. You are simply getting what you pay for.

6. Getting impressed by the big, flashy, and expensive camera

Many photographers use their cameras as not just a tool but as additional perks to impress their prospective customers. In my experience however, I can tell you that even the biggest, most expensive cameras will not guarantee great-quality photos even if the photographer does not have the necessary skills and training. On the other hand, an experienced professional wedding photographer can make even the simplest camera work to your advantage.

I, for one, use artificial props and external accessories sparingly. In fact, I love being an wedding photographer in Brisbane because our near-perfect weather gives me a lot of natural light to use in my photos. Thus, I only whip out my trusty speed light when it’s really necessary.

7. Shortlisting too many photographers

When considering different photographers, it may be tempting to schedule meet-ups with several of them. However, this can be a long and confusing process, so try your best to keep your shortlist to a limit, preferably three at the maximum. It is also best to meet photographers offering different price ranges. This way, you will be able to compare their work and gauge whether paying more will indeed get you better quality or if you can get the same quality despite hiring an affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane.

8. Not scheduling a meet-up prior to your wedding day

Most importantly, don’t forget to consider how comfortable you feel with the photographer, as this will greatly impact how you feel on your wedding day. The only effective way to do this is to schedule a meet-up. Some couples, especially those who don’t have much time to prepare, choose to skip this step. In my professional opinion, that is a big mistake. In fact, I make it a point to personally meet my clients before the wedding day itself. This gives me a chance to get to know them, understand what they need from their wedding photos, and know what matters most to them, so I can give them photos they will want to cherish for the rest of their lives.


While an affordable wedding photographer in Brisbane may save you money, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you get quality photos at an affordable price, rather than simply getting what you pay for. For a wedding photographer that you can rely on to deliver truly beautiful wedding photos, you need an award-winning photographer. Nothing can take the place of long experience, professional training and quality that has been tried and tested. Just because you’re looking for an affordable wedding photographer it doesn’t mean that you need to settle.

Give me, Sarah Streets, a call so we can discuss how we can make your wedding truly memorable.

How to Master Your Family Photography Session Like a Pro

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If your family is growing up too fast, then you should schedule a family photography session in Brisbane soon. Many families have their photos taken when they’re welcoming a new family member, celebrating a special occasion or having a family reunion. Regardless of what your reason is, arranging the occasion and ensuring that you get great-quality and meaningful keepsakes as a result can be a challenge.

As a professional and highly experienced photographer, let me share with you some foolproof tips on how to master your family photography session in Brisbane like a pro.

Choose the entire family’s outfits carefully.

One of the biggest factors that affect the quality of family photographs is clothing. Since there are many subjects in the photos, there should be some coordination in the clothes that your family members wear. With this, I do not mean matching clothing, but clothes that blend well together, especially when captured in a photo.

In my experience as a Brisbane family photographer, I find that the easiest types of clothing to work with are those with neutral colours and light, flowing fabrics.

When it comes to colour, choose a combination of pastels, tans and other light hues of brown, grays and light shades of blue. However, clients are always free to add bold colours if they feel that these match their family’s personality better. The best bold colours to use as accents are yellow and bright red, which can be nicely toned down by hues of light colours, like gray.

My top tip would definitely be to stay away from clothing that is patterned with florals, stripes or spots and also clothing that has large logos on them as this can be distracting in the photographs and we want to photograph on your emotions and faces in the photographs not the patterns in your clothing.

Make sure everyone’s in good spirits.

It may be tricky to schedule a family photography shoot. While the weather in Brisbane can accommodate us at practically any time of the day, I suggest choosing a time that your children, especially younger ones, are likely to be in good spirits. Steer clear of their nap time and bedtime.

If you choose an accredited and experienced photographer, such as myself, you can be sure that you’ll get great quality photos no matter what time of the day it is. In my 8 years of offering family photography in Brisbane, I have done shoots with the sunrise or the sunset as a backdrop and have given my clients great results either way.

Another way to ensure all members of your family are in a good mood for the shoot is to feed them beforehand. It helps to have healthy snacks on hand or to schedule the shoot before dinnertime. If there’s a baby in the family, be sure to work around his or her feeding time.

Finally, don’t forget to talk to all members of the family, especially the dads, to be cheerful participants during the shoot. It is important that everyone’s on board, so there’ll be only bright smiles in your photos. While some members, commonly the dads, dread photo sessions, it helps to explain to everyone how important it is to have family photos to keep and treasure for the years to come.

Don’t rush into it.

When you schedule your family photography session, don’t forget to include the time it will take for you and your entire family to get ready. So you wouldn’t have to rush around before the shoot, give yourself plenty of time to get your hair and makeup professionally done and to give the kids a bath. Remember that if you are rushed and frazzled prior to your shoot, it will certainly affect the quality of the photos you get at the end.

To make things easier for my clients, I always suggest that we do the shoot in their own homes. This will not just make the kids feel more relaxed, but will also save you from the need to prepare a lot of props and accessories. I suggest simply incorporating the activities you already have on hand in your home, like your favourite board game, your favourite ice cream, your kids’ favourite books, your cosiest blanket and so on. This will not only take a huge load off your shoulders, but will also make your family photos more meaningful for everyone.

Make it fun and spontaneous.

In their desire to get portrait-quality photos, I’ve experienced some mums to be very strict in the shoot, asking everyone to look at the camera at the same time and flash bright “cheese” smiles. But this does not have to be the case.

As an award-winning photographer who offers in family photography in Brisbane, I can assure you that more natural photos that show you and your family having genuine fun will always look better on your walls. The photographs my clients have adored the most are those that show members of a family interacting with each other – laughing, giggling, embracing, jumping, playing and snuggling. These photos show true emotion and bonding, and are much more favoured than overly posed portraits that look staged and unnatural.

Also, if you choose an experienced professional photographer, you can be sure your family’s most natural smiles will be captured. I make sure to be quick with my shutter so you won’t have to hold awkward “cheese smiles” during our shoot.

Get everyone in the photo.

Do you have a big family? If so, it will take some creativity to place all members of the family within the frame without making the photo look crowded and awkward. Talk to your photographer about this. In my experience, when taking photos of a large family, I make sure to come prepared with the necessary wide-angle lens.


It’s a wonderful experience to have a family photo taken of the entire family. Photo shoots often serve as great bonding moments for families, and the resulting photos give everyone great memoirs to treasure. Preparing for your family and choosing the right photographer will help you handle your family photography session like a pro.

If you are looking for an experienced photographer who specialises in family photography in Brisbane, look no further. Just contact me, Sarah Streets, and we’ll talk about how to make beautiful mementos for your family.


Natural Maternity Photography – Capture your belly beautifully with Sarah Streets Studios

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maternity photography brisbane

I wanted to share these beautiful pregnancy photographs of Laura & her husband Luka.To be honest, this post is a little overdue.. The bub that is in Laura’s tummy is named Aurelia and she has recently turned one! hehe! (Yes, blogging is one of those things I put on the back burner.. hehe!)

Laura is a very close friend of mine who is just the most beautiful girl inside and out so when she asked me if I would do a maternity photography session for her I could not wait! Most of these photographs were captured using the natural daylight although there a a couple of photos were I used my speedlite to create more drama in the lighting. I hope you love these photos as much as Laura and her family does.


Capturing your pregnancy is one of my most favourite things to do.. I love the pregnant body with all it’s curves, if you want your pregnancy documented and you want to look fabulous make sure you hire a professional photographer to capture this very special time, like me! I have been photographing pregnant women for 8 years now so I know the best angles and how to bring out the best in you to get gorgeous posed photographs as well as fun candid photos too! If you would like to book a maternity session in Brisbane please contact me now by heading to my contact page.. I look forward to chatting to you soon! xox


How to Choose A Brisbane Photographer for Your Wedding

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Your wedding is one of the most important and meaningful days of your life, so it goes without saying, that you will want gorgeous photographs to remember it by. Working as a Brisbane photographer, I meet a lot of couples who are getting married, and I’ve heard from them firsthand how hard it is to find the right wedding suppliers, including a photographer.

As an accredited professional photographer myself, I would like to share with you the right questions to ask when choosing a Brisbane photographer for your wedding.

Are you a professional photographer?

The rise of powerful digital cameras has led to a massive increase in the number of wedding photographers. Nowadays, even basic camera models are equipped with automatic functions that allow practically anyone who can “point and shoot” to produce great quality photos. Unfortunately, not all Brisbane photographers are professional photographers by trade. Many of them are hobbyists with full-time jobs and only shoot weddings during their free time or on weekends. Although you will undoubtedly find real talent among them, many have no formal training in photography, insufficient equipment and no insurance.Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

Thus, ask follow-up questions like:

  • Do you have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance?
  • Will I get a written contract? Your written contract should detail the exact price you are asked to pay and the inclusions of the package you are offered.

Simply put, a great-looking portfolio alone does not guarantee that you will get high-quality professional service on your big day. What you need is a professional Brisbane photographer who is passionate about and devoted to wedding photography, such as myself!

Do you specialise in the style of photography that I want?

I’m sure you are looking for more than photos that simply show what happened at your wedding. Wedding photography is more emotive than other types of photography. Weddings are celebrations of love, and in my professional opinion, the best wedding photos are the ones that really capture these lovely emotions during the big day.

To produce photos like that, professional Brisbane photographers don’t just “point and shoot” and leave the rest to their camera’s auto function and post-processing. To achieve the natural, documentary-style photos that are popular today, we photographers know what to look for, where to find them, and the best moment to press the shutter button. It is also important that your chosen Brisbane photographer knows just how important your wedding really is. This way, they’ll do their best to give you the photos you want.

Can I see whole samples of your wedding photos? Do you have an office or studio where we can meet?

When looking through a photographer’s portfolio, ask to see photos of the entire wedding day, not just snippets. It is natural for photographers to show their prospective clients only their best shots. This is why it is also important to meet the photographer in person, preferably in a real physical office or studio where they have complete wedding samples on hand.

Are you a member of a professional organisation?

If you’re looking for Brisbane photographers, you’ll want someone who is recognised by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography or the AIPP, the membership organisation of choice for professional photographers all over Australia.

The AIPP can help you find the best Brisbane photographer for your wedding in two ways. First, the organisation has set accreditation standards that photographers have to meet. These standards ensure that photographers offering professional services are technically capable of delivering what they promise and have the legal business requirements, appropriate insurance coverage and an adherence to a Code of Professional Practice. So if you want a real professional, just look for the AIPP logo on the photographer’s website or ask them if they are an accredited member.

Second, the AIPP gives out National and State awards to photographers for their outstanding work. I myself have received several awards, which are listed on my website.

How long have you been a wedding photographer? How many weddings have you shot?

Speaking from the perspective of a professional Brisbane photographer, I can assure you that nothing takes the place of real, actual experience. The experience I obtained since I began my profession as a photographer almost 8 years ago is invaluable to me. It’s all those years and all those weddings I’ve had the honor of shooting that has trained me in dealing with all kinds of unexpected situations that arise on the big day.

So in all the weddings I shoot, I make sure that unexpected problems, such as bad weather or poor lighting, do not affect the quality of the photos I deliver. This is why, even though I love making the most out of Brisbane’s natural light, experience has taught me to always have backup equipment on hand.

How many photographers will be there on the day itself? Are you one of them? Do you have backup photographers in case you fall ill? What will you wear during our wedding?

These may seem like minor details but they make a big difference during your wedding. It’s best to have at least two photographers onsite so they can capture different moments and different angles of the wedding. Make sure the photographer that you meet with will be present, and not just some a photographer on staff or a representative. Lastly, wedding photographers should be dressed in smart casual attire and should be clean and professional-looking.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. If your photographer fails to deliver the goods, you won’t get a second chance to do the day over. Consider asking the questions that I have outlined above to ensure your precious lifetime mementos are perfect, right down to the last shot.


If you’re seeking a professional Brisbane photographer who specialises in weddings – and can give you lasting keepsakes that you can hang on your wall and look back on for all the years to come – call me, Sarah Streets, and we’ll schedule a meeting together!

Candid Family Photography Sherwood

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candid portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbaneportrait photography brisbaneportrait photography brisbaneportrait photography brisbanecandid portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbanecandid portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbanefamily portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbanekids portrait photography brisbanefun kids photography brisbane

I love taking natural photographs in my families homes. It personlises the whole experience and the kids always feel so comfortable in their own environment.. Another bonus is we can include the much loved fur babies as you can see here Anzac the golden retriver got in on all the fun. Being a pet and children’s photographer in Brisbane is so enjoyable for me; I don’t even feel like I am going to work.

When I am photographing children in their home I tend to set them up in a pose, so get them all snuggly and in close together and then I have fun and play with them as well as get them to play with each other. I find that doing this produces my beautiful candid style that I love to capture in my portrait photography.

Have  a look at this beautiful families photography photo shoot. It was a beautiful spring morning in October when I did this photo shoot. I have included some of my favourite photos from the shoot. If you would like to see more of my family photography please click here

Outdoor Family Portraits in the Redlands

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family portrait photography brisbane, candid portrait photography brisbane, sarah streets studiosI feel so lucky to be a portrait photographer in Brisbane; we almost always have beautiful sunshine which makes for the most gorgeous outdoor family portraits.

I had this beautiful family contact me wanting to do some natural and candid photographs for their baby boy Alfie’s first birthday. Alfie’s mum had also been hard at work creating a home made hot air balloon for the photo shoot. As you can see it looks incredible. We went down to a local park in Gumdale and captured lots of fun shots.


This is a collage that the family ended up purchasing to put up on their wall at home.. It looks incredible and will be lasting memories of Alfie’s memorable first birthday.

Candid Engagement Photography Brisbane Powerhouse

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engagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbaneengagement photography brisbane

Look at this absolutely stunning pair! We had so much fun doing Sharna & Ben’s engagement photography session at our very own Brisbane Powerhouse located in New Farm. The Powerhouse has so many different locations to take your engagement photos in; from the rustic and urban brick work to the ferry station and the gorgeous park setting.

Check out these stunning photos! xox

Black and white candid baby photography in Brisbane | Beautiful happy baby Hannah

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brisbane newborn photographers, family portrait photography brisbane, baby photography brisbane

 Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

Oh my gosh, how adorable is baby girl Hannah. I had so much fun photographing this happy little lady in her home. She was so giggly & animated, I love this chubby bubby age when babies can sit up and are smiling and giggling you get the most beautiful baby photographs. (Gosh, am I clucky much.. hehe!) Her mum and Dad bought a collection of prints in ready to frame mounts which are going to look beautiful in their home and has really captured their beautiful baby girls happy personality!

Call me if you would like to oragnise your baby’s first portrait photography session in the comfort of your own home?

Portrait Photography Brisbane | Fun Natural Candid Photography

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<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1398" src=" my response.jpg” alt=”portrait photography brisbane, newborn phootgraphy brisbane, sarah streets studios” width=”960″ height=”960″ srcset=” 960w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×50.jpg 50w,×100.jpg 100w,×500.jpg 500w” sizes=”(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px” />


I just love being a portrait photographer in Brisbane. Especially when I get to photography gorgeous children like these two. I just love a chubby bubby and this gorgeous bub Jakob was just that. As you can see from these candid photographs his big sister Ellie just adores him. I photographed the kids in their family home using mum and dads bed and just the beautiful and soft natural light available form a window in their room. As you can see, the results are simply stunning.


A big thanks to Jakob & Eillie’s mum & dad for choosing me to take some professional photography in their home.. xoxox

Pregnancy Photography in your home Brisbane QLD

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maternity photography brisbane, maternity photographers brisbane, sarah streets studios


Check out this gorgeous mummy of 5.. She looks fantastic! I was so happy I could capture these beautiful shots for Alicia as she has never had any of her pregnancies photographed and she told me this was her last chance as this was going to be her last baby.

 We captured her beautiful tummy in her maternity photography session using the natural light in her family home. These are just a few photographs Alicia picked out to have printed as photographs as a keepsake of this memorable time.

 Alicia can I just say, I hope I look as fabulous as you when I am pregnant.. You were so much fun to photograph and meet! Thank you for choosing me to capture this special time. xox

Prue & Claytons gorgeous Brisbane wedding | First look photography | Brisbane professional wedding photography

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brisbane wedding photographers, brisbane wedding photographer, candid wedding photography brisbane


Oh my gosh.. What a wedding! These beautiful wedding photographs were taken in some of the most iconic places in Brisbane.

Prue & Clayton are an absolutely gorgeous couple.. (inside & out!). And their wedding was just fabulous! Martell and I got to photograph this amazing wedding in April. We were both very excited to shoot our very first “First Look!” on the day which Prue & Clayton planned so beautifully in the exact place where they had their first date and then later down the track; where Clayton proposed to Prue.. (gush!)   See below in Prue’s own words her version of their “Love Story.”

 “We met at an end of season hockey function and as an excuse to see him again, I kept showing up at the finals games.  On grand final day, I asked him out and he kissed me in the grand stand!

 Our first date was on the fig tree grove, in the botanic gardens. We had a beautiful sun soaked picnic as spring began to bloom around us.  Just over 5 years later, he proposed in the exact same spot! It was after dinner and the botanic gardens were actually shut, so we had to slip through a gap in the fence! He had a slideshow of our photos, so I was already crying before he got down on one knee. Fig tree grove was then the natural choice for our “first look” before the wedding. Something just for us.

 We chose Riverlife for our wedding (ceremony and reception) as kangaroo point was where we had our 6 month date and the first time he told me he loved me exactly 5 years before the date we chose for our wedding .”