Family Photography

Family Photography in Brisbane


Being able to offer family photography in Brisbane gives me so much joy and satisfaction. As an award winning family portrait photographer, nothing gives me quite the same buzz as photographing Brisbane families!

From pregnancy to newborn, toddlers to teenagers through to adults and grandparents! Each family is unique and I love being let into your lives for that brief moment to capture your child’s personality and some special family moments which you will get to keep and pass on to the generations of your family to come!

With my family photography sessions, I generally come to your home as I find children are more relaxed in their own environment. Here, I document you as a family to create special memories that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

You could say my photography style is “documentary style” which means “unposed babies, children and families”. I have never liked the overly posed portrait photography where it looks staged and that is why I come to your home. It is you, your family, it is natural and I will be capturing your family as it is now in this precise moment in time. When I’m photographing you and your family, I’m happy to suggest what will work best, as well as interpreting your own vision for the day. I have also developed a lighting technique that is purely natural light. No harsh flashes firing off and making you blink, just lovely, gorgeous natural light filling your beautiful family photography session.

If you’re seeing a photographer that specialises in family photography in Brisbane, that you and your family will feel comfortable around, then consider Sarah Streets Studios. Please contact me for more information and to chat about your family portrait photography session!


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